In line with Scottish and UK Government advice, the Blue Rock offices are temporarily closed.

As an NVT Group company, Blue Rock is following the Business Continuity protocols of the rest of the Group and, as such, our people are well equipped to work from home during this period of lockdown.  We are using VPN connections, softphones and video conferencing solutions to stay productive and these technologies are working well.

This means it is very much business as usual at Blue Rock and we will be pleased to provide advice and assistance remotely.

If you have any questions about Blue Rock services, please contact Managing Director Lorraine Mills in the first instance.

You can contact Lorraine by phone on, or by e-mail: 0773 995 4441 /

We are using Microsoft Teams to hold meetings with both colleagues and customers and will be happy to replace scheduled face-to-face meetings with virtual ones.

We will work with customers with active projects to assess any impact on project delivery plans.  We will also monitor and advise you on the status of hardware and software supply.

The increased importance of cyber security at this time

There is increased risk of cyber-attacks during this time as cyber criminals exploit people’s fears and security weaknesses while employees adjust to working remotely.  It is important that businesses remain vigilant during this time and take actions to strengthen their security measures even further.

Read our blog on the importance of cyber security for staff working remotely:

There are many ways Blue Rock can help with your cyber security strategy, please contact us if you need assistance.

Keeping you updated

We will be posting regular updates on our social media channels, which are as follows:



We remain fully committed to our customers through these uncertain times and look forward to supporting you as normal.