Are you protected?

Cyber Scotland Week highlights the importance of cyber-security for businesses, organisations and individuals across Scotland.

As a cyber-defence consultancy, we understand the need for everyone to be vigilant when it comes to protection against cyber-crime. Now more than ever, cyber-criminals are capitalising on uncertainty and fear, and we are all too familiar with the detrimental impact these attacks and breaches can have on businesses. In 2021, it is predicted that cyber-attacks will occur every 11 seconds. This shows an alarming increase from 40 seconds in 2016. We all have to do our part to tackle cyber-crime.

What does Cyber Scotland Week aim to do?


Improving cyber resilience knowledge, behaviours, awareness and practice.


Showcasing innovative work happening across Scotland’s cyber sector.


Promoting skills development and a career in cyber-security.

“The cyber-security industry is an important contributor to our economic growth and Cyber Scotland Week is the perfect opportunity to showcase the innovative and exciting work that is happening across the sector.”

– John Swinney, Deputy First Minister, Scotland

Cyber-security and COVID

The last year has been like no other, and cyber-criminals have used it as an opportunity to develop sophisticated approaches to attack businesses and individuals throughout the uncertainty. Alarmingly, 1 in 4 UK cyber-attacks in 2020 were related to COVID, and this continues into 2021. The statistics are critical;

The threat of Phishing

How prone to phishing are you

Phishing is the process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity, using bulk email which tries to evade spam filters. Emails claiming to be from social web sites, banks, auction sites or IT administrators are commonly used to lure unsuspecting users. It’s a form of criminally fraudulent social engineering. KnowBe4 recently reported that 47% of phishing email content in 2020 was LinkedIn related and 25% was password-change related. Would you be able to tell the difference between a genuine email vs a phishing email? It should be top of the agenda for all businesses to be aware of these tricks.

Find out more about phishing and how we can help protect your business here.

How can Blue Rock help you stay protected against cyber-crime?

Blue Rock takes a pro-active approach to cyber-security. We identify and resolve the weak spots in your systems before the hackers do. We can equip your team with the tools and training necessary to ensure your business is fully protected against modern-day cyber criminals. We have a range of tools and methods to achieve this, and we understand that every business is different, which is why no two strategies are the same. We take into account your unique business needs and devise the best approach for you.

To find out how we can help protect you against cyber-crime, get in touch here.